Season 1 - Started off in a market in Atlanta with very few survivors. Later on a farm which had it fair share of diffculties due to Mother Nature and hostile people wanting to take it over not to mention WALKERS! As they stayed on the farm it grew and grew tensions rised in the group between power and what they were going to do. Leaving the farm after a walker attack they found decided to go to South Carolina where they stayed at for months trying to live in peace.


Dominc Gallo

Dolph Lundgren - Alexander North

Andriana Beck

Natasha O'Keefe - Reagan Kellis

Marcel Gadacz - Zane Johnson

Danielle Harris - Annie Johnson

Johnny Messner - Sid Johnson

Timothy Olyphant - Jerry Edgar

Michael Fassbender - Sergei Schmidt

Edward Norton - Jack Chamberlain

Nick Damici - Luther Jackson

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Duke Basham

Terry Crews - Bob Basham

Connor Paolo - Remy Moreau

Chloe Mortez - Lisa Mosley

Anna Skellern - Madison Livvy Kellis

Jesse Mccartney - Leon Vance